I would like to invite you to explore the possibility of a fundraiser at Art Glass Studio. There are several plans and workshops available. All plans include a portion of the day/days sales to your organization.

You can choose a one day fundraiser or one up-to-three days in order to give all of your members ad their families a chance to participate (Fri-Sun).

Participating members would make a beautiful glass piece. Art Glass Studio offers several projects with no experience required. You can choose Stained Glass, Fused Glass or a Glass Mosaic project.

​I feel this would be, not only the most unique fundraiser your organization has done, but all participants would have a glass art piece they made to treasure forever.

Stained Glass

Create Your Own Beautiful Piece of Art Glass

Create your own beautiful work of art. At Art Glass Studio people of any skill level or age can create an amazing piece of art. 

5043 Preston Ave

Livermore, CA 94551

1 Booth St. 

Reno, NV 89509