Roberta began making small stained glass sun catchers in 1979.  She soon found that she had a natural aptitude for the art, and loved the feeling of completion that came from a finished piece. In 1980, Roberta completed a one year apprenticeship  with a top rated glass artist in Incline Village, NV at North Shore Lake Tahoe.  During that apprenticeship, Roberta learned that a project cannot just be beautiful, it must also be structurally sound. In 1981, Roberta opened a small business in Truckee, where she created custom stained glass work, until the birth of her first child in 1987, and later twins in 1988.  


In 1990 Roberta moved her family to Livermore, where she continued doing custom work on a part-time basis.  During that year she began another apprenticeship with a German glass painter and craftsman.  He mentored her for two years and her work there was primarily restoration of church stained glass windows, as well as the creation of some new windows in that matched the style.  Roberta's work can be seen in many of the churches in Watsonville, San Jose, San Francisco and the Peninsula.  Roberta continued to do custom work while her children were growing up.


As an empty-nester, she created Art Glass Studio in Livermore in 2008. She offers custom work, repairs, classes and workshops for all levels of stained glass work, glass mosaics and fused glass. In addition she sells supplies to other artists in the area.  There are one-of-a-kind gifts available for sale at the Livermore location. Roberta has made thousands of stained glass windows in Northern California, Nevada and Arizona, and her work has been shipped throughout the US, as well as Europe and Asia. In January 2020, Roberta purchased Fused Finery in Reno, NV, a place that she calls her home away from home.

Roberta has spent many years perfecting her craft. In addition to running two studios, she also does commission/ custom work  for stained glass, fused glass, and mosaics. Furthermore, she is often commissioned to restore and repair stained glass. Contact Roberta for all of your glass art needs, from commissioned artworks, to restoration, to purchasing supplies such as glass, foil, and tools. You can also see her at the studios where she teaches classes and hands-on workshops.

Stained Glass

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Create your own beautiful work of art. At Art Glass Studio people of any skill level or age can create an amazing piece of art. 

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