Open Studio

Open Studio Hours:  Any time during working hours when there is not a class in session.

If you have completed the Intro to Fusing class at Art Glass Studio, you are eligible to attend Open Studio time. Purchase what you need from us and enjoy access to tools, kilns and some coldworking equipment (grinders, ring saw and drill). We do not teach during Open Studio so you must have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to finish your project.

The basic rate is $5/hour with a 2 hour minimum. Additional charges for firings and mold rental will apply and must be paid prior to firing. 

Firing Fees
Kiln Firing - $25 for sole use of the 17" kiln, $35 for sole use of the 26" kiln. Individual projects can be fired on a prorated charge based on the footprint of your project. Cost to fire an individual project is $0.13 per square inch per firing (a slumped item requires two firings) with a minimum charge of $7.50. Mold rental charges are included in the firing fee.
​Open Studio Rules
​ • Reservations are suggested
 • Bring or purchase your own Bullseye glass. No glass is provided.
 • Basic tools, GlasTac and glass cleaner is provided.
 • An Art Glass Studio staff member must be present during Open Studio.
 • Kilns must be programmed and monitored by an Art Glass Studio staff member.
 • Projects must be composed entirely of Bullseye glass, including accessory glass like dichroic, frit, stringer, etc. Any other materials used must be deemed appropriate for firing in Art Glass Studio kilns.
 • Factor in shelf dimensions when designing your piece. There must be ½” distance between  your piece and the shelf edge in all directions.
 • Choose a slumping mold prior to design. Molds may be fired together with others to fill a  kiln, if firing schedules are similar.
 • Art Glass Studio is not responsible for damage to items left on the premises or projects that  fail due to customer negligence or error.

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